Meet the Founders


BROOKE Stowers + Samantha BELfer

Brooke Stowers + Samantha Belfer Braham met as buyers at Saks Fifth Avenue and quickly discovered their shared entrepreneurial spirit. As the years went by working side by side, they realized they also had a similar vision and passion to bring something exciting to their local retail market. 

Brooke + Sam’s mission is to create a highly curated shopping destination that caters specifically to Hobokenites. At Brooke + Bel, looking and feeling your best is their priority. One size does not fit all. They believe shopping is about connection and giving everyone a personalized experience.

Every small business has its story. Brooke + Bel’s opening date was supposed to be the day the mandatory COVID-19 shelter in place went into effect. Overcoming the hurdle of opening during a pandemic was something no one could have prepared for, but it became a meaningful part of Brooke + Bel’s story. The two women feel extremely grateful to be able to build a supportive local community around them. Brooke + Sam hope that everyone’s experience on is just as magical as the interactions they experience with every client that walks through their door.



Locally owned boutique with a curated selection of clothing to fit all occasions. The owners are experienced buyers and have a lot of great brands in-store.

Elizabeth D.
New York City, NY

Finally! A local spot in Hoboken with an incredible selection. The owners are so sweet and helpful, too! It’s nice to shop local again - so happy to have this shop nearby!

Kelly F.
Hoboken, NJ

My girlfriend and I love this store! From accessories, to jeans, and dresses, her closet is slowly turning into an extension of Brooke and Bel! If you are looking for a great gift for your partner, get over to Hoboken now!

Pat K.
Hoboken, NJ